The Value of Retreats

Taking time for ourselves is integral to leading healthy, happy lives. When we have time to be still, we can hear our inner voice and clarify our sense of purpose. In our busy world, inner calm can be hard to find, and needed more than ever.

Women can find it hard to relax and recharge in the midst of life’s many demands. We are often focused on service, and put our own needs last. Our retreats and events allow us to stop, center, assess what we really need—and how we can get it.

Hestia Retreat creates ways for women to find quiet time, to renew ourselves and nurture, support, and inspire each other.

Hestia Hearthstones

These hearthstones reflect our guiding principles.

  • To act from a place of love
  • To live mindfully and with integrity
  • To have an open heart and curious mind
  • To engage with kindness and generosity
  • To provide nurturance and support
  • To speak with authenticity
  • To create a place of beauty
  • To provide a safe environment
  • To honor diversity
  • To take time to play
  • To listen to oneself and others
  • To work from and toward peace
  • To model empathy and compassion
  • To embrace the mystery
  • To expand our visions of who we are and what we can be
  • To keep our own fires burning and to help light the fire within others
  • To be the catalyst for needed change in ourselves and the world



Hestia: Goddess of the Hearth

Hestia is the Ancient Greek goddess of the heart and hearth. Hestia’s essential nature is self-reflection and wholeness. She represents the clarity that emerges from turning inward and being still. Hestia tended the hearth fires of all homes, providing all people a space to come and be comforted, quieted, and centered.

Future Vision of Hestia Retreat: A Physical Space

In order to house Hestia gatherings, our vision for our future is to acquire land on Vashon-Maury Island and build a physical retreat center founded on the practices and teachings we share in our community. Our retreat center will create an enduring legacy that supports women from around the world. 

We welcome donations toward the costs of permitting and building the retreat center.

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