Thank You for Supporting Hestia Retreat

Thank you for helping Hestia provide a stronger connection for all. Hestia creates seasonal retreats, gatherings, and events to help women take time for themselves, feel supported, nourished, and valued. We know that when women can take time for supported self-care this empowers them, their home, family, community, and sustains a more balanced world. Providing this opportunity for women takes your support.

Our mission to foster feminine energy means making sure everyone knows they are welcome. You are welcome, and your support helps welcome others. Hestia is a GLOW-inclusive community.

You don’t have to make a financial contribution to come to our gatherings. So why support Hestia with regular contributions? When you do, you help others retreat and recharge with you. Your gift supports scholarships that pay 80% of retreat fees for women who need that support. No one knows who is a scholarship recipient at retreats or who gives what. We are one.

You give whatever you decide to give. Any amount helps Hestia support women through scholarships, funding our free events, and covering the costs of running a non-profit. All gifts are tax-deductible and all help Hestia thrive. You can change your amount, how often and how you give whenever you like. Some give annually, some monthly; some provide their time, skill, and presence only. You choose what works for you.

At Hestia, how you show up is up to you. Each of us has gifts, skills, and abilities that contribute so much and give us back a sense of belonging that feels great. Some of us have time to give to event coordination, outreach, or other areas of our work. Some have knowledge or skills to share; some have resources, and all have value. So, even if you cannot make a financial gift to Hestia Retreat, we welcome you to support us in the ways you can.

We are grateful for those who can give generously because they support many. We are grateful for those who bring their valuable presence to Hestia. We are grateful to male members who want to support women’s need for retreat because they see the benefit at home and in the world.

Thank you.

Annual Membership Registration (one-time payment)


If you would like to spread your gift out throughout the year, please start with a one-time gift of any amount by registering through the button above, and then visit our Support page for a monthly donation sign-up option.