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Raise Your Vibration & Radiate

  • Vashon Cohousing 10421 SW Bank Road Vashon, WA (map)
Hummers know how to do it!

Hummers know how to do it!

“In the 3rd dimension, the universe responds to what you think. In the 4th dimension, the universe responds to how you feel. In the 5th dimension, the universe responds to what you say and act out. When you bring greater consciousness to your words and actions, no matter how you think or feel — your thoughts and feelings spontaneously change on their own. This is the heart of conscious action”

— Matt Kahn

Susan Lynch

Susan Lynch

Raise Your Vibration & Radiate

What’s it like to raise your vibration to the fifth dimension? It’s like being on vacation all the time!

Cultivating your power to be present and rise above fear and confusion is, indeed, the heart of conscious action. We all have the ability to lift our awareness to higher dimensions and feel the difference it makes. You may be doing it already sometimes, but just not aware of how you got there. It’s not even hard; you just need the info, and a little practice, to get the hang of it.

That’s what we’ll do at this little retreat, from 11-5 on Saturday, January 13th. We’ll also enjoy a simple lunch and a toasty fire in Cohousing’s beautiful Common House. Start your year with this self care power up, envision your 2018, and radiate positive energy on your path, as you Go High!

Being able to become still, grounded, and centered easily is the start. From there, you’ll learn to align and expand your energy field from a deeply connected place you can really feel. You’ll lift your intent beyond fear, worry, and anxiety, to beam out what you envision for your life in 2018, and for the world. You'll feel the difference between 3D and 4D thinking, and the fifth dimensional shift that moves your energy beyond fear. It’s way more powerful than resolutions or lists. But do bring a journal for your intentions and notes. 

Susan Lynch gives you experiential knowledge in this small group setting, informed by her many years as a shamanic practitioner. Raising your consciousness in these times is an important practice that truly helps the world, as it relieves your stress and limits availability for negative energy. Everything around you feels this shift, as you’ll experience when we explore a few exercises. Gentle, strong, powerful, and protective, women are born for this level of compassion, self-love, and conscious action. It’s magical thinking and then some.

Practicing your superpowers on your own after—or continuing to develop them with Susan—will increase your ability to stay calm, centered, and positive even under challenging circumstances. Stand in the center of your circle and radiate what you truly are, want, and believe, and watch what happens!

Read more about this on Susan’s website blog posts, here and here.

Give yourself this metaskill for the New Year and register before December 13th for the Early Bird 20% discount. Onward and upward!

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